A sense of neurons connecting

There have been a lot of interesting developments lately in the area of devices and web APIs that are clearly only early steps, but have struck me as collectively representing building blocks towards the digital nervous system concept I presented in my (stammering) talk at Ignite Hampton Roads a few months ago. My basic premise there was the idea that the various devices, apps, tools, and platforms we’re using and that are coming could act as a sort of augmented “nervous system” to learn more about our active bodies and expose our health information to others. My own interest in this idea was driven by my problems with my own nervous system, which I still deal with and which continue to deteriorate.

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A voice passes

I was really hit harder today by Roger Ebert’s passing than any celebrity or public figure that I can remember. He was an amazing writer, communicator, and even artist who was adept at sharing his passion for the movies that I care so much about, and later for how he embraced technologies to give himself a new voice both online and off. Probably most of all because I grew up watching his show every Sunday, both with Siskel and later with others.

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Dysautonomia and Ignite

Well, that was about as long a gap after my first post as could be expected. I guess I should probably try to finish the dozen-or-so draft posts I’ve been working on.

In the meantime, I figured my talk at Ignite Hampton Roads tonight would be a good opportunity to start posting more about my condition and experiences, and also to link to some good resources for anyone following up from the talk (Hi!).

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On Writing

I hear this blogging thing is going to be big…

So my goal here is create an outlet for more focused writing than what I put into my clever tweets, long-winded forum posts, deep private messages to friends, Facebook statuses, work emails, and other dry software documentation.

I’m really hoping to use this as a place to talk in a little more depth (and a lot more publicly) about things I’m working on, what I’m going through with my health, and other random nuggets that might come out of my head.

It should be an interesting and amusing insight for both of you.