I was really hit harder today by Roger Ebert’s passing than any celebrity or public figure that I can remember. He was an amazing writer, communicator, and even artist who was adept at sharing his passion for the movies that I care so much about, and later for how he embraced technologies to give himself a new voice both online and off. Probably most of all because I grew up watching his show every Sunday, both with Siskel and later with others.

Below is a link to my favorite TED talk, not just because of how he pulled it off and the emotions involved, but that he touched so effectively on what makes online communication so effective and powerful for those who can’t always do so in person… and generally how much technology helps those afflicted by illness or disability.

But really – the most amazing moment was the demonstration of the clever technology that had been used to digitally reconstruct his own voice using clips from his commentaries on classic movies. The layers of meaning in his life are profound.


An amazing guy. An amazing voice.



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