WordPress Speed Boost


A WordPress site performance review and optimization.



I’ll perform a deep dive into your WordPress site’s performance and optimize it to greatly improve loading times and increase your Google PageSpeed scores. I’ll focus on key pages, but will check speeds across your site to identify bottlenecks or weak areas.

Enhance your customers’ experiences, increase leads and sales, and improve your site’s SEO to drive more traffic.

Potential improvements may include:

  • Optimizing images and using next-generation image formats
  • Optimizing JavaScript files and the timing of their loading
  • Optimizing CSS stylesheets for speed and timing
  • Page caching for immediate page loads
  • Reviewing plugins for performance bottlenecks.

I’ll contact you to follow up and get started, do a little additional paperwork, get access to your site, and if necessary discuss any pressing concerns.

Although uncommon, there could be some additional costs for plugins needed to address certain issues, and I will sometimes recommend changing hosting companies to services that provide more reliable performance, or the use of a free or paid CDN service to further improve load times.

Note: Due to WordPress plugins and other 3rd party tools and services that may be in use, performance improvements aren’t guaranteed. Significant improvement on low-scoring sites are likely though.